Not to be confused with Anarchist Studies, a scholarly journal.

The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) is a non-profit organization founded by Chuck W. Morse following the anarchist-communist school of thought, in 1996 to assist anarchist writers and further develop the theoretical aspects of the anarchist movement. It has given grants to over 40 writers, including Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Murray Bookchin and Saul Newman in addition to many lesser known authors. Projects the institute has assisted include the Latin American Archives Project, a multilingual online database of works by Latin American anarchists, and the Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conferences, which are open talks and discussions on aspects of the anarchist movement. The Institute also publishes a biannual journal, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory.

In 2009, the IAS launched a newly updated website featuring a new online publication of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. New projects are in the works including a collaborative book series with AK Press that will publish Anarchism and Its Aspirations by IAS board member Cindy Milstein, followed by books written by two other IAS board members, Mark Lance and Shiri Pasternak. The IAS also offers the Mutual Aid Speakers Bureau, a resource for communities interested in arranging radical speaking events.